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striped pup headshotI’m waiting to see you come get me. Please. Take me home with you. I’m here.

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Soon this pup will be waiting in my shop for your attention. Right now I need to make him some eyes so he can see you.
striped pup to be

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Big Critter Pillows

pile big pillows
There’s a pile of new critter pillows making their way into my shop. Check it out. You know you want one.

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Cat Toy Giveaway

You have less than 24 hours left to rush over to IHaveCat and enter to win a catnip snake and bug from my shop. Here’s the blog post with details:

Creepy Critter Cat Toys (Giveaway For Everyone!)

Patti Haskin's Critter Central Catnip Cat toys

Patti Haskins, founder and creator of all at Critter Central based in Dallas, TX has more than enough muses and test subjects with her five cats (and one pup!).

She’s been creative all her life and her snake and bug cat toys are only the latest in a string of her artistic accomplishments. I love the quote on her site that reads:

“I crochet, sew, draw, paint, paper-mache, embroider, shoot photos, play piano, sing and have a graphic artist job. But not all at the same time”

Phew! LOL!

catnip snake and catnip bug cat toys

Okay, her cat toys aren’t THAT creepy but given it’s a snake and a bug I figured the headline worked! One lucky reader from ANYWHERE in the WORLD will have the opportunity to win both a handmade catnip pellet bug of uncertain lineage PLUS a catnip stuffed snake! And, everyone will get a discount code for 20% off  the Critter Central store!

Not so long ago Patti was doodling snakes that soon came to life as catnip toys for her cats. The snakes are stuffed with catnip-saturated fiberfill and, “lots of very strong scented organic catnip from the higher altitudes and latitudes of Canada. All five Haskins cats approve of this catnip.”       

cat muses for Critter Central

The bug came later at the request of a pleased customer who wanted, “something else for their cats to ‘kill’.” LOL!

Unlike the snake, the bug is full of catnip pellets that give it a beanbag feel and also prevents catnip from coming out of kitty fang holes! If the photo wasn’t enough, here’s Haddie in action hogging  the snake and the bug!

Sorry in advance to Petie but I had to include the gratuitous Petie shot below, we’ll say it’s to provide a sense of scale! (I need that Instagram emoji of the laughing/crying cat to insert here!).  I promise it’s just a bad angle, he HAS lost weight – honest!

Before I forget, use promo code CATNIP for 20% off purchases from Critter Central for a month! Woot woot!

bug shaped catnip cat toy

The giveaway will be running for 1 week and winners will be chosen by the Rafflecopter widget. Remember, EVERYONE CAN ENTER! This is NOT just for US residents (yay to Patti!).

Leaving a comment is a mandatory, just let us us know what you think of these toys and/or why your cat(s) might enjoy them! Then you can get extra chances to win by liking our pages and/or Tweeting this giveaway!


Critter Central Cat Toys and Dolls

I just had to include a little taste of some of the other fabulous kitty items Patti has at her Etsy shop! How adorable are those pillows! And she even crochet’s custom cat dolls based on photos of your own cat! Apparently her Grandmother crocheted kitty dolls, I suspect she’d approve!

GOOD LUCK ALL! And regardless, check out the Critter Central shop and support a small female-run business! Woot!

FTC Disclaimer: The kitties received a bug and snake from Critter Central for this post.

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Night Time Downtown Dallas Shopping

11737795_868701649832453_8680011728005674595_nIf you live in Dallas or will be lucky enough to be visiting next weekend, come downtown to shop handmade on Friday night, July 17 at The Little Downtown Market. I’ll be there with all my critter creations. The market takes place from 6:00pm until 10:00pm with over 20 artisans, craft brews, food and live music all on the 8th floor of 211 N Ervay Street at Dallas Fort Work‘s offices. Parking is available on the street or in paid lots around the venue. All street parking is free after 6pm. Sounds like a fun time. Hope to see you there.

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Las Vegas

2015-06-22 20.16.04I just got back from a visit to Vegas visiting my mom and brother who live there. It sure is hot in the desert. 110 degrees hot. With all the rain Dallas has received lately, I was used to seeing green everywhere. Not in Vegas. Brown is the color most viewed.

But, my brother likes to always keep in the holiday spirit no matter the temperature. Don’t you love his lighted palm tree? I do. Enjoy.

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20% Off Coupon For My Etsy Shop

I’m getting ready to send out the coupon code to my Etsy shop that will entitle you to 20% whatever you buy in my shop. But only people on my mailing list will get this coupon. Have you signed up yet? Click here and you’ll be whisked over to my web site page where you can sign up to receive the occasional newsletter and/or coupon. Why, you could use that coupon code to get 20% off of Freddy the Fox. Don’t delay, coupon codes going out soon.freddy lounging cropped

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