Cat Drawing

I think you know by now that I like to draw cats and dogs and that I usually draw them on fabric and turn them into critter shaped pillows. But the other day I was bored at work and drew this cat in Photoshop. It looks really cute printed out and framed. I uploaded a PDF of the drawing for you to download and print so you too can enjoy this cute cat drawing hanging on your wall. Or click on the image below, then right click and save image to your computer and use it as computer wallpaper.bored cat drawing

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jackson bugThe latest stray to make his way into our home is Jackson and he prefers catnip cockroaches to catnip snakes as his favorite toy. He tosses them in the air, slings them across the floors and kicks them with his back paws. He’s young and the world is a toy to him sometimes but he keeps returning to his bugs. I just placed a bunch of new bugs into my shop so your cats can have as much fun as Jackson. Click here to be whisked to my Etsy shop where you can buy your bug.

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Cute Critter Pillows

There’s a bunch of new critter shaped pillows making their way into my shop this week and next. Keep your eyes peeled. Lots of new cool drawings on fun fabrics. They looks great hanging on your shelf of chair. Click here.
pile of critter pillows for flea

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My Latest Crocheted Critter

grace facing left

Meet Grace. Fuzzy Grace. My latest crocheted critter. She’ll be with be at The Dallas Flea and she’s available for adoption. There’s only one of her. Can’t you see her on your chair? We both hope to see you in my booth Saturday.

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The Dallas Flea @ Trinity Groves

I’ll be there with lots of my critter creations, hope to see you in my booth.

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Cats Love Sunbathing

January has been quite sunny here in Dallas and our eldest feline Betty truly appreciates it. We find her sunbathing every chance she gets.
sunbathing betty largeMy photo of her enjoying that sunlight was picked as Photo of the Day over at the Capture Dallas website. Click here to check it out. Hope you are getting some sunshine wherever you are.

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squirrely new year

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