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Works in Progress

Crocheted critters awaiting their faces. Soon come….

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I Can See

striped pup headshotI’m waiting to see you come get me. Please. Take me home with you. I’m here.

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20% Off Coupon For My Etsy Shop

I’m getting ready to send out the coupon code to my Etsy shop that will entitle you to 20% whatever you buy in my shop. But only people on my mailing list will get this coupon. Have you signed up yet? Click here and you’ll be whisked over to my web site page where you can sign up to receive the occasional newsletter and/or coupon. Why, you could use that coupon code to get 20% off of Freddy the Fox. Don’t delay, coupon codes going out soon.freddy lounging cropped

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squirrely new year

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Seymour Squirrel

Say hi to Seymour, my latest crocheted critter creation. He’s hanging out over in my Etsy shop just waiting to meet you. You can view his other photos there also. He says to tell you that he’d love a new home. Have you got space in your place for a squirrel this cute? Seymour thinks you do.seymour squirrel 2

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Candy Colored Dachshund

I finished crocheting my candy colored doxie and named him Oscar. He’s in my shop now awaiting your arrival. Please go visit to see all his photos and perhaps, click the ADD TO CART button and give Oscar a new home. Yours.
face close up

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Squirrels For Your Wall

I put the faces on the squirrels, glued them to their plaques and packed up the ones already sold. Then I made the fruit flavored squirrels that Chris from Makers Connect insisted I had to create. She even picked out the colors and bought the yarn, that’s how insistent she was that these darling little squirrel heads needed to be colorful as well as brown. Now they are all awaiting you in my Etsy shop. Click on the pic to be transported there where you can admire the photos and hopefully, purchase one for your empty wall.
six squirrels

October 14, 2014 at 10:30 am 2 comments

Works In Progress

Squirrel heads awaiting their faces. Then they’ll be glued down to their wooden plaques and away some will go off to their new homes and a few to my shop. Keep watching for their arrival.
five squirrel heads to be

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Day of the Dead Masked Cat

The fabulous Plush Team has cooked up another challenge for our creative minds to conquer, this time it is to create a Day of the Dead plush. My favorite holiday. Love all those skulls and skeletons. And for some reason, I managed to complete this project way ahead of deadline. How unlike me. Must have been that skull that made me hurry up and crochet. I present to you my creation: Miss Masked Cat. Please click here to be whisked over to the Plush Team shop and see more photos and read all about her. Or purchase her to get your place looking great for the upcoming holiday. Enjoy.

kitty skull mask front

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Halloween Pup

head 02I know Halloween is several weeks away but I just couldn’t controfront sittingl my crocheting hands and look what they whipped up, Harry, the striped Halloween pup. He’s hanging out in my shop awaiting your retrieval. Don’t disappoint him, give him a new home now so he has time to get comfortable and settle in for the big day: Halloween. Won’t the trick or treaters enjoy seeing Harry holding a bowl of treats at your front door. Hurry, Halloween is just around the corner.relax doghead 01

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