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Wildlife Pillows

We keep a bowl of cat crunchies on our front porch to feed the feral kitties. The word is out and we often see possums and raccoons partaking of our offerings. I have taken photos through the front window of their dinner dates. My latest pillow creations are of these visitors. Here they are for you to view and hopefully enjoy. This possum has been sold but the raccoons are ready for re-homing now in my etsy shop. More possums and raccoons soon to come and perhaps a squirrel or two.
possum coon dinner partyraccoon-large-and-medium.jpg
possum chair screen

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Autumn Leaves

fall myrtle
Our crepe myrtle has decided that it is finally fall. Welcome autumn.

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20171118_161230As the December holidays approach, you can’t tell by looking at our house. We learned long ago not to attempt trees and dangling balls in a house of cats. So I share with you my photo of this lovely view from the NorthPark shopping center. Enjoy.

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Unusual Blooms

I love these flowers. They are called “Bat Faced Cupheas”.  Aren’t they adorable? This link tells about them. I ordered mine via the web and they’re growing like crazy. I have them in a pot in the sunny front yard. They make me smile every time I look at them.

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Here’s a few photos of some of the potted flowers blooming beautifully in my front yard. I love this time of the year and we’ve been very lucky to have not only tolerable temperatures but rain as well. Everything is green and happy. Enjoy.

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December 6 Ice Storm

My photographic survey of nature’s display in my back yard.

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Haskins Critters

Snapshots of a few of our critters. Enjoy.

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Dinner Time Is For The Birds

birdsJust another day at the Haskins front yard bird diner.

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Sunday Afternoons

I love lazy Sunday afternoons. I lounge on our front porch watching the birds and squirrels eating at our feeders and drinking from the water dish. Sometimes I have my camera ready. Here’s the June 30 photographic parade of visitors.

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Long Weekend

It’s a long holiday weekend here in the US of A, Memorial Day. For some, it’s time to barbecue and party, for kids, it’s the start of their summer vacation. Some participate in services to remember those gone due to their service to country. Myself, I’ll be working on a custom crocheted critter. The day job doesn’t leave much time to create and I am grateful for the extra time on weekends like these. Seems everyone is busy with some kind of activity, even the birds in my yard. Enjoy.nesting material

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