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Library Critters

My crocheted critters and prints are currently visiting the Prairie Creek Branch Library, another fabulous branch of the Dallas Public Library, and will be there until the end of September. As enter the library you will find them on the left side of the hallway in a big display case.

prairie creek library display

Mike and I are power users and supporters of the Dallas Public Library system so I am pleased to share my work with their patrons. This is the third branch my critters have visited and they hope to visit more in the future.

You can visit my etsy shop to learn about my critters and prints. Enjoy.

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I Used To Be A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band

Once upon a time, long ago, I sang in a band. In bars. In the recording studio. I sang. We even made a CD. I made a website for that band and CD so I could share it with you. Enjoy.back

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For The Birds

Our rescued falcon

This time last year, my friends Carmina and Jeff that work here at the dental college in the I.T. department, found a nest of kestrel falcons up in the ceiling above their work area. Our building maintenance guys were thwarted in their efforts to get an exterminator to get rid of them when they discovered that the falcons were endangered, protected wildlife. My friends contacted Kathy Rogers, the wonderful woman who runs Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the Dallas area. She came to the college and rescued a couple of the falcons and my friend caught the rest and brought them to the center, total of five falcon babies rescued from the ceiling. Pretty exciting stuff for us here at the college.

Yesterday, another falcon was discovered in the same area. Building maintenance guys supposedly closed up all the gaps and potential entrances last year, but obviously they were outsmarted by the bird brains. So, after work, Mike & I accompanied my friends to Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to turn the rescued little falcon over to their caring hands.

Carmina and Jeff had told me last year what a cool place Rogers was. I had read about their work with rescued birds before, but I had no real idea of the extent of birds on the grounds in various cages/pens and out walking about. I now know why Carmina and Jeff were so enthusiastic about their visits to the center, Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the coolest place I’ve been to in quite some time. It’s like a bird zoo/hospital and if you live in the DFW area, they always need volunteers and donations. Check it out. All my photos here are from yesterday’s visit. (more…)

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In a house of five cats and two dogs, dinnertime is always an experience. It’s never dull here around 5:30pm. The most vocal and insistent critter demanding to be fed is Mickey. These two video clips of Mickey give you a glimpse of the fun that occurs daily at our place. Mickey is one entertaining pup. Enjoy.

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Sunday Afternoon

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon photo, nothing exciting happening at the house. Mike picking a record to play and the cats all lazing around. There are four cats in this photo. Can you find them all? (more…)

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Mike Rocks Again

My husband Mike‘s band The Big Guns is playing this Saturday night in Dallas at Lee Harvey’s, our favorite dive bar. Always a fun time especially when the roller derby girls are having their after bout party as they are this Saturday night. If you live in Dallas or are lucky enough to be visiting, do drop by. You won’t be sorry. Here’s a fun little video of The Big Guns from a few years back for your enjoyment.

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Mike Rocks Onstage

You may remember a few months ago I posted a story about my guitar playing husband’s new blog of his new music? Sure you do. Well, Saturday night he took it to the stage and rocked the house. Really he did. Here’s a couple of video proofs of said rocking. Watch them both, you know you want to. I’ll let you know ahead of time when he hits the stage again.

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