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Day of the Dead Masked Cat

The fabulous Plush Team has cooked up another challenge for our creative minds to conquer, this time it is to create a Day of the Dead plush. My favorite holiday. Love all those skulls and skeletons. And for some reason, I managed to complete this project way ahead of deadline. How unlike me. Must have been that skull that made me hurry up and crochet. I present to you my creation: Miss Masked Cat. Please click here to be whisked over to the Plush Team shop and see more photos and read all about her. Or purchase her to get your place looking great for the upcoming holiday. Enjoy.

kitty skull mask front

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Plush Pineapple

crocheted pineapple 03We the members of the illustrious Etsy Plush Street Team love to challenge each other with fun creative plush making activities. For our summer challenge, each participant made a plush fruit for a virtual fruit bowl. I made a plush pineapple. It’s available now in the Plush Team Etsy shop. Below is our photoshopped fruit bowl. I think it’s fabulous, don’t you?

plushteam fruitbowl

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Plush Team is going to Maker Faire in Cincinnati!

This post is a duplicate of the Plush Team blog post. As a member of the illustrious team, I encourage you to attend if you’re in the area. I wish I could.

Hello Everyone!

The Plush Team is really excited to be a part of the first ever Mini-Maker Faire taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio next this weekend. On October 19th from noon until 10pm, the Team will have a booth in beautiful Washington Park.

We will have plush available to purchase from a bunch of our members from around the globe, as well as having demos and classes throughout the day. The Team will also have a small plush art gallery in the booth, as well as members of the Team working on their own projects as “artists-in-residence.” This is the Plush Team’s second time doing a Maker Faire event, and we expect the one in Cincinnati to be just as great an experience as the first one in San Mateo was in 2010. To see photos from the last Plush Team booth at a Maker Faire, click here.

There will be fun for all ages in Cincinnati next weekend, with things like power tool drag racing, robots battling, food trucks, bands performing, and more!

If you are in the Cincinnati or surrounding area, come on out next weekend and say hello to us!
To see a list of all the talented Makers that are showing/demonstrating at the event, click here.

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Introducing Sean

I finally finished my crocheted striped doxie plush and named him Sean. I’d love to show you more of him, click here and be whisked away to my Etsy shop where the rest of his photos reside. He would love to move in with you, so click that BUY button while you’re there and give Sean a new home. Enjoy.

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From the Plush Team blog comes this spicy collection of cool creations. Enjoy.

Plush Wishlist

1. Dog Randy by Patti Haskins
2. Butterfly Hair Clip by ZFLA
3. Corn Snake by Weird Bug Lady
4. Shy Fox Pillow by Needlings
5. Snuggy Baby Swaddle Bear by Pink Cheek Studios
6. Artist Teddy Bear by Nonesuch Garden
7. Voodoo Breakup Doll by Hibou Designs
8. Cat by Cronopia
9. Atomic Firehawk Comet by Pterodactyl Pants
10. Heidi Chickenpants by Absolutely Small
11. Monster Fancy Pants by Fluffy Flowers
12. Owl Keychain by eleventh monkey
13. Stegosaurus Dinosaur by ecoLEFTZ
14. Red-Haired Man by Yermit


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Tangerine Wishes

This post originated on the Plush Team blog and I thought I’d share it with you here. Aren’t these tangerine creations delicious looking? I want them all, even the one I made. Enjoy.

Plush Wishlist
1. Sun & Moon Earrings by eleventh monkey
2. Fancy Pants Monster by Fluffy Flowers
3. Foxies in a Log by Mochi Studios
4. Punwig by Green Elevator
5. Cat Pillow by Patti Haskins
6. Manatee by Kitty Kitty Crafts
7. Fluor Owl by Cronopia
8. Bug by Pterodactyl Pants
9. Lion by Nuff Nuff Toys
10. Fire Monster by Cutesy but not Cutesy
11. Suspenders Critter Monster by Little Crit

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Happy Holidays

I’ve been busy, busy, busy for the last couple of weeks but I thought I should stop what I was doing and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


UPDATE: Guitars have been moved to my shop. You know you want one. Click here.

I made two of these guitar ornaments for the Plush Team Etsy shop if you’re interested in adding a little twang to your Christmas tree, click here. Ho. Ho. Ho.

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Plush Team Beach Party

Remember that post a while back about my Mer-Cat and a Plush Team challenge? Well,¬† the post straight from the Plush Team blog is after the jump and it tells you all about it. Voting is happening now, and you the public are invited to weigh in, so rush right over to and LIKE us if you haven’t already and VOTE. (more…)

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I know I’ve mentioned before that I am a member of the Etsy Plush Street Team or as we’re also known as, the Plush Team. I made this mermaid cat critter for an upcoming Plush Team challenge called Plush Team Beach Party. I’ll fill you in on the details later. For right now, let’s just admire this hybrid creature. Click on the photo to be whisked to the Plush Team Etsy Shop where you can see more pictures of the Mer-Cat. Meow!

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Bunny Time

Easter is just around the corner. I still have a crocheted bunny available in my shop and just added a pair of pink bunnies to the Plush Team shop. Wouldn’t one of these cuties look fabulous in a basket or centerpiece for the upcoming holiday? Click on the picture to see more and to pick one up for your Easter festivities. Hop to it!

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