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I Used To Be A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band

Once upon a time, long ago, I sang in a band. In bars. In the recording studio. I sang. We even made a CD. I made a website for that band and CD so I could share it with you. Enjoy.back

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Listen While I Work

I love audio books. I love them on CD. I love them downloaded to my computer. I love that my library has both and in pretty vast quantities.  While I sew, draw, crochet or any other number of creative endeavors, I like to be read to. I enjoy it almost more than listening to music while I create. Sometimes I listen to musicians tell their life story and that almost always includes musical snippets.

book-wild-talesRight now I am listening to Graham Nash tell me his life story, Wild Tales. It is truly interesting and he is as amusing a reader as he is fine a singer/songwriter. When he mentions a song, he sings it to you acapella. Just like he’s singing in your ear. Just for you.

If you are a Hollies fan, a CSNY fan, a Joni Mitchell fan or just a fan of music in general, you’ll enjoy this. As long as you don’t mind the f-word being used liberally. He does like to use that profane language. Doesn’t bother me, but some may take offense. Be warned. Or not. I’m loving every listen of it.

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April in Texas

When it’s April in Texas, that means it is festival time and the bluebonnets are blooming. This weekend alone, there’s the Main Street Art Festival in downtown Fort Worth, there’s a Taco Festival in Deep Ellum, it’s Record Store Day and lots of area shops have free stuff happening, the Bath House at White Rock Lake has the Art Mart, there’s a Guitar Show at Market Hall and best of all, the Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis. I’ve been to all of these one time or another except the Taco Festival, this is the first year for it. A few years back when we went to the Ennis Bluebonnet Festival, it was one of those perfect years for blooms, plenty of warmth, sun and rain. I shot a lot of fabulous photos and I’m sharing some those with you now. Get out and have some fun this weekend. Enjoy.

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SXSW Here I Come

This time next week I’ll be in Austin with my husband Mike, relaxing before his band The Nervebreakers play their 3rd gig at the madness that is SXSW. We’re gonna eat lots, hear tons of great music and sneak in some art appreciation. I’ll have my yarn and hooks with me to try to crochet between the gigs. One thing I’m not going to miss is Flatstock, the rock poster show. I hope to finally meet Strawberry Luna, the queen of posters. Also, I always like to roam South Congress and drop into my favorite shops, especially lusting at all the coolness that is Tesoros.

The main reason for the trip South is The Nervebreakers three gigs, two unofficial, open to the public: 6:15pm Wednesday2:00pm Thursday and one big, main, badge holders only 7:00pm Saturday SXSW showcase gig that even the Austin Chronicle recommends. I’ll have my camera along to snap some photographic memories. Rock on.

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Friday Night

Come down to the Dallas Arts District Friday night for a fun filled evening of food trucks, live music, museums open late and local art. I’ll have all my critter creations with me so you can get an early start on that holiday shopping. Hope to see your smiling faces there.

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Sia – Crocheted Concert Stage

My friend Donna in Atlanta sent me her photos of the singer Sia’s concert stage set up from her show there the other night. She knew I’d love it. Crochet everywhere you look. I don’t know much about Sia but I’m going to explore. She has good taste in stage sets. I think I’ve heard her before. I liked her voice. But mostly, I love her choice of crocheted stage decor. (more…)

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Mike Rocks Again

My husband Mike‘s band The Big Guns is playing this Saturday night in Dallas at Lee Harvey’s, our favorite dive bar. Always a fun time especially when the roller derby girls are having their after bout party as they are this Saturday night. If you live in Dallas or are lucky enough to be visiting, do drop by. You won’t be sorry. Here’s a fun little video of The Big Guns from a few years back for your enjoyment.

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Mike Rocks Onstage

You may remember a few months ago I posted a story about my guitar playing husband’s new blog of his new music? Sure you do. Well, Saturday night he took it to the stage and rocked the house. Really he did. Here’s a couple of video proofs of said rocking. Watch them both, you know you want to. I’ll let you know ahead of time when he hits the stage again.

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Spring = Allergies, Storms & Festivals

Yes, spring has definitely arrived in North Texas. Most of Dallas is green and blooming. Most of Dallas’ people are sneezing. At least I am, along with coughing and just feeling bad in general. I think I’ve been suffering from a delightful mix of allergies and cold germs. Not fun at all.

Along with the greening and budding comes spring storms to our area. We’ve had straight line winds that took out our electricity for a few days last weekend to last night’s hailstorm. Never a dull moment between the sneezes.

But along with the storms and sneezes comes the spring art festivals and my favorite one is this weekend in downtown Fort Worth: The MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival This festival always has the best selection of artists displaying and selling their fabulous work along with wonderful music and tasty food.

This year’s musical lineup is as good as it gets for me, tomorrow night, Saturday, April 16, Rosanne Cash is performing with her band at 9pm on the Sundance Square Stage. As a longtime fan who has only seen her once in concert, I can assure you that I will be front and center for this show. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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Mike Rocks

HotKlub 30TH 7-24-10 photo by Erin Arthur

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you’ve forgotten, Mike, my husband is a fabulous guitar player. He also writes great songs and records them at our house in his studio. He has finally decided to start a blog to share his music with everyone. Me and the furry kids will no longer be the only ones to hear his great music. The link to his blog is over there in my blog roll, but to make it easy for you, click here. Keep your eye on his blog for more rocking hits to be posted. And check the credits on the songs already posted, you’ll find me listed as background vocals on one.

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