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Witchy Hands

I just got the new Lion Brand Yarn newsletter and immediately wished I knew how to knit. I love these gloves. They would be so fun to wear all winter, just for the heck of it. Click on the picture to be taken to the free pattern, but if you haven’t signed up before on Lion Brand Yarn‘s website, you’ll have to sign up now to get the pattern. Enjoy.

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Crochet Kitty Throw

I was stumbling around the internet yesterday, avoiding what I was supposed to be doing at the day job, when I spied this very cute crocheted kitty throw pattern on the Caron Yarn website. Oh I need another “someday I’ll get around to it” project like you know what, but I couldn’t resist downloading the pattern and adding it to my pattern collection. I like the black & pink scheme, but a variety of bright saturated colors would be cool too. Here’s the link to the PDF pattern. Enjoy.

June 29, 2010 at 7:12 pm 1 comment

Crochet Cool

Flower Tiles NewFlower Tiles

I love these cool bags.  They are crocheted using Patons Grace cotton yarn from the newest free pattern offered by Patons. They remind me of the swinging sixties. Maybe it’s the colors or the shapes of the motifs or both. I usually go for the brighter, more saturated colors but the muted colors appeal to me as well. I haven’t tried Patons Grace yarn yet, but I intend to give it a whirl soon. I like to crochet more with cotton and rayon so I am drawn to this yarn. I love the color range they offer. Before I begin a project, I choose the palette of colors that reflect the mood I’m in just like a painter does with her paint. The Grace yarn colors attract my eye and entice me to “load my palette” and start crocheting.

Have any of you worked with this yarn yet? Let me know what you think. If you download the pattern and make a purse, please post a photo somewhere so we can all admire your work. Enjoy.

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Tiny Tiger

I was just checking over at the Lily Sugar n Cream site to view what was new and discovered this cute crocheted little tiger. Free pattern available here, but you will have to sign up to get it. It only takes a minute, so jump over there and download this pattern. Can’t wait to see lots of tiny crocheted tigers everywhere. Roarrrrrrrr.

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Spring Sweater

I have never tried to crochet an article of clothing. I pretty much stick to critter creating. An occasional purse or shawl. But the new Patons Yarn newsletter hit my inbox and I became instantly smitten with this cardigan. I like the retro look of the stripes and the color choices. It is crocheted and I just might attempt it. Don’t you think it’s lovely? Click here to get the PDF pattern. Let’s try together.

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Crochet Bouquet

I love crocheted flowers. In today’s email I received my February newsletter from Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn. One of the featured patterns is a bouquet of crocheted flowers in shades of pink and red. They are lovely, don’t you agree?

But just imagine a multi-color bunch of flowers, wouldn’t that be fabulous? And Lily Sugar n’ Cream comes in bright, intense,  hot shades of orange, purple, blue and pink that almost scream for attention. Now that would be a bouquet to crochet. Click on the photo or here to be taken to the Lily Sugar n’ Cream website to download this pattern. Note that you must sign up for a free membership in order to download patterns. It only takes a minute and then you get free patterns. I want to see pictures of your crocheted bouquets. Enjoy.

February 2, 2010 at 8:36 pm 1 comment


The latest newsletter from Lion Brand Yarn arrived the other day, and I fell in love with their chickadee and mother hen potholder crochet pattern. They are so darn cute. Too cute to use. I think I’d make them just to hang and admire. They would be great in the kitchen, sure, but I bet they’d make a kid smile if they were hanging in the bathroom and used as a scrubber. Click on the pic to be taken to Lion Brand Yarn‘s website to download the pattern for free. But remember, you must be signed up to do so. Enjoy.

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