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The latest addition to my woodland critter line of pillows are squirrels. There must be a million squirrels in our yard every day. I catch them even sneaking on the porch and eating cat food since they can’t get into my squirrel buster bird feeder. (The best bird feeder ever- click here for info.) So of course I had to draw some squirrels and turn them into pillows. Go see them, they’re waiting for you. Bring nuts!
right facing squirrel frontleft-facing-squirrel-front.jpg
squirrel 01



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Autumn Leaves

fall myrtle
Our crepe myrtle has decided that it is finally fall. Welcome autumn.

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Hot Hot Hot

it’s that time of year here in Dallas. Too hot. Hot as this pink gomphrena blooming away in the heat that it loves. Enjoy.
pink fleurs m

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Hello Spring


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It’s Finally Fall

Fall has arrived in Dallas. Finally the weather matches the season. A rarity for this part of the country. I spent most of the weekend indoors in my studio making critter pillows, but I did go outside and take pictures of the trees next to the house and their leaves of changing colors. Enjoy.

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Caught In The Act

Trying to feed the birds around here is nearly impossible, too many squirrels think the sunflower seeds are for them. Like this guy who doesn’t think I’m on to him. Ha.

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