Portraits in Yarn

July 28, 2009 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

A couple of crochet artists have caught my eye recently, and I know you want to see why. They both create portraits by crocheting. Fascinating.

Jo Hamilton’s portraits are more abstract in color and details, but recognizable as faces none the less. Quite striking, I think. A bit impressionistic as well.


Todd Paschall crochets portraits that are digitized, pixel looking, lots of detail and almost, from a distance, photographic. Based on a grey-scale conversion, the finished crochet portraits are like duo-tone photos, not full color portraiture.  A total different look and feel from Jo Hamilton’s work. Todd offers free patterns and will digitize your photo for you to crochet. What a concept.

blue obama

While on the subject of crochet artistry,  Xenobia Bailey, artist extraordinaire, has an Etsy shop with fabulous crown-like hats and a blog. Be sure to visit both. Enjoy.



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