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No, I’m not channeling cows and speaking in tongues. I am, of course, referring to the company in England that is partnered with Flickr, MOO. They are printers of cool items such as tiny, heavyweight MiniCards and fun vinyl StickerBooks. Tis the season to be thinking holiday greeting cards and Moo is having a contest. The Super-Duper Holiday Card Competition and the People-Powered Holiday Card Store are where anyone can enter up to ten photos that they think would make great holiday cards. halleluiah.jpgIn the store, everyone can order cards made from any of the entered photos. Let me tell you, there are some really, really great images in that group. Flickr has a group set up with the entries. Click here to view these amazing photos on the Flickr site.

I always make my own cards. Well, lately, they are not really cards but 4×6 photos of a fun with Photoshop image designed to be our holiday card. This year is no different. I again created our card, this time I made one of my digital collages starring several of my crocheted critters. You may have seen it on my Flickr photostream.

crochet-chorus.jpgI entered this image, along with two previous holiday cards of ours, into the big MOO contest. Click on the little pic to view an enlargement. Make sure you zoom in to see the best details. I don’t think I’ll winhappy-hollywood-squares.jpg
anything. Unless, of course, one of you reading this goes to the People-Powered Holiday Card Store and orders some cards of my images to send to your friends. Now that would be a prize I would cherish. Please let me know if you do.

The nice people at Moo are working on making it easier to find what you want when ordering cards from the card store. If you’ve checked it out, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is very tedious to scroll through thousands of images trying to find images of your own or someone you know. So they came up with links to your image that will open in the ordering page of the card store. These little squares link that way to the image pictured. If you want to make me smile, go ahead and click on a square or two and order away.

1830536596_ff4eb5dd9e_s.jpg halle.jpg 1830537670_eb67518227_s.jpg
I almost forgot, making a MOO Greetings Card with these images help raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières, which is Doctors Without Borders in American.


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