Crochet Aspirations

October 9, 2007 at 12:20 pm Leave a comment

lionbrandchenille-2.jpgI am still working on my Halloween creations, I’ve started three projects now. Perhaps I shall stop beginning new creations and complete these three this weekend. Maybe. But at the same time I am crocheting a new dog. He’s turquoise and navy blue. Another autumnal beast to be. I might complete him as well. Then I’ll have a big photo shoot party.

So while crocheting my mind wanders and I start imagining all kinds of new thing I’ll make. I purchased a bunch of yarn that is speaking loudly to me and I almost have to hide the yarn so that I will concentrate on the incomplete projects piling up. I found the yarn on-line, where else? Smiley’s Yarn is where I scored the latest bunch of temptations. Their website has annoying flashing things but I just move down the page away from their blinking. They have great prices but you must purchase $40 minimum and the shipping is UPS $12.95 no matter what. But the yarns are really low priced so you can get a huge 70798867_f3105ec36d_m.jpgamount of yarn for the $40. Right now they have a sale on Lion’s Brand Chenille. A selection of dark jewel tones for $.99 each. That’s a steal. Sorry to sound like an ad, but if you’re in the market for yarn, check these guys if you haven’t already.

307019226_b369874b75.jpgYarn thinking puts me in the mind of challenging myself to crochet something really unusual. So while surfing the web in search of something that strikes my fancy, I ran into the most incredibly gorgeous crochet work from an artist in Estonia, Marianne Seiman. Oh what fabulous crochet! I can only dream that I will be able to create 307019228_23f4624b59_m.jpgsomething as beautiful as her pieces. I know I’ve referred to Crochet Insider before and they have an interview with Marianne marianne_s_skirt.jpghere. Someday I’ll progress to creating work this incredible. My crochet aspirations…



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