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It really is October and Halloween is sneaking up on us. Have you created anything spooky or scary yet? This pumpkin creature is a free pattern over at Lion Brand Yarn. You’ll have to sign up to download the pattern, but doesn’t almost every website these days want your info? If you click the pic you will be presented with a new window with the crochet instructions, or a message to sign up. Click and see.

I have been working on a spooky black catplush-team.jpg skeleton plush softie thing. Hopefully I will complete this project over the weekend and will snap some glorious photos to share with you early next week.

Speaking of plush, don’t forget to enter the Etsy Plush Team contest.
Details here: Etsy Plush Team blog.

Besides Halloween, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m a survivor of a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. Almost five years now. But its the ten years out that concerns me. That’s when cancer seem to rear its ugly head to battle again, and unfortunately, often times it wins.

And those of you who read the newspaper may have already heard of the comic strip that hasn’t been very funny lately, Funky Winkerbean. I’ve always read this strip because the creator is from the neck of the woods where I grew up and I still have family living there, Northeastern Ohio. He’s from Akron/Kent and I’m from Youngstown.


This strip is often times not funny, but it always, always, always makes you stop and think. So click on these two strips if you want to see how Lisa’s battle with breast cancer, for the second time, concludes. Here’s a i071004fw.jpgstory with more details.

And here’s a page about the new hospital in Cleveland that the book of Lisa’s story will be helping fund. Their goal is “preventing, controlling, and eradicating cancer in all of its different forms.” I like that. Tom Batiuk, the strip’s creator, will be here in Dallas next week to sign copies of Lisa’s Story. I just might have to go purchase a book and get it signed. I’m sure there will be lots of pink ribbons there. Dallas is the headquarters of the Susan G. Komen Foundation after all.


I love, love, love the new Joni Mitchell CD. You must buy it if you ever were a fan of hers. Or if you’re a fan of intelligent music. Or if you’re worried about the state of the world. This is a lyrically political CD. But its the melodies that sneak into your brain. I find myself humming these songs constantly. I almost need to listen to the CD every day. I think I’m an addict.

On that happy note, adios!




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Plush Team Contest Crochet Aspirations

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