Plush Pineapple

crocheted pineapple 03We the members of the illustrious Etsy Plush Street Team love to challenge each other with fun creative plush making activities. For our summer challenge, each participant made a plush fruit for a virtual fruit bowl. I made a plush pineapple. It’s available now in the Plush Team Etsy shop. Below is our photoshopped fruit bowl. I think it’s fabulous, don’t you?

plushteam fruitbowl

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Come to my Trunk Show

Next Saturday, August 30, over at Makers Connect, I’m having a Trunk Show. What’s a Trunk Show 1003804_235752586606529_1827956033_nyou ask? It’s like an outdoor art show only without a tent and indoors with air conditioning.

I’ll be occupying part of the store with all my handmade critter creations. I’ll be there all day as well, from 11 to 7, crocheting something fun that’s perhaps orange and black for Halloween. I can show you how I make my fabulous crocheted critters and answer all your questions, within reason. I still don’t know the meaning of life…. And hopefully, you’ll find something wonderful that I’ve made with my two hands and you won’t be able to leave it behind. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces there.

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The crocheted kitty and the inspiration meet and it is cuteness times two. Enjoy.twins3 twins2 twins1

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Custom Crocheted Kitty

camilleI once had a customer who asked me to immortalize her dying cat. She was a gorgeous long haired beauty and I crocheted a very fuzzy kitty for her. She was pleased. I was pleased. I loved the way she turned out, her name was Camille and I offer prints of her photo because she is just so pretty and almost everyone that sees the print falls in love with her.

A new customer of mine saw her photo and wanted me to crochet her cat but with Camille’s long hair. My customer’s cat is not long haired, but she loved the way Camille looked and wanted a fuzzy crochet version of her cat. Her cat also has one blue eye and one yellow eye. So cute. And she is a bob tail cat. I love a challenge.

Here’s her cat’s photo¬†and following is my fuzzy crocheted version. My customer has seen these photos and love the way she looks. She picks her up tomorrow. I love a happy ending.

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I Used To Be A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band

Once upon a time, long ago, I sang in a band. In bars. In the recording studio. I sang. We even made a CD. I made a website for that band and CD so I could share it with you. Enjoy.back

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Unusual Blooms

I love these flowers. They are called “Bat Faced Cupheas”.¬† Aren’t they adorable? This link tells about them. I ordered mine via the web and they’re growing like crazy. I have them in a pot in the sunny front yard. They make me smile every time I look at them.

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I’m loving all the colors of summer. Peaches, tomatoes and the embroidery of my summer purse. Enjoy. 2014-06-30 17.32.32

2014-07-02 18.44.38

2014-07-01 18.27.39

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